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Swap anything with others around you


Swap anything with others around you

Fineswap is a free app to swap your things and skills with people around you.

The app is currently in beta, give it a try!

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Fineswap’s mission:

Inspiring everyone to sustain the life of things and skills we all care about

Our vision

By 2025 we will build global swapping communities through an accessible digital platform

Find it in the Marketplace  

The Marketplace contains everything that others have already published.

Let the app show you relevant things and skills in your area, or you can filter the listing for a more personalized experience.

Facts and Questions

We’ll fill you in on our journey, past, present and future:

What is Fineswap?

Fineswap is a community that believes that a sustainable future can be only achieved if we take action on changing our consumption patterns. We advocate that through sharing and swapping the things you love will create a circular concept, extend the lifespan of things, and inspire a sustainable lifestyle through technology and innovation.

We support and encourage communities to change our current linear model of Taking, Making, Using and Disposing, towards a Circular Economic Model where every output (waste) is an input (food) for something new, closing the loop.

Together let’s change the concept of garbage to raw material.

Why barter?

Barter is a system of trade where the participants exchange goods or services for other goods or services without using a monetary system but the trust of each other’s values for what is being exchanged. There’s no clear data of when barter started, but it has existed in every civilization studied, as a means for transactions.

Fineswap is a community that sees in swapping the best alternative to change the current unsustainable consumption patterns. We all like to use new stuff, but these things don’t necessarily need to be freshly made, but new to us.

By encouraging fineswappers to extend the life of things and skills we care about, we will be able to make one change into a sustainable future.

Who’s behind Fineswap?

Adriana, Birk, Sylvia, and Noor believe in swapping as an alternative economy for a sustainable future. Let’s read how they describe themselves:


I’m a programmer who also loves to play around with Photoshop in her spare time. I joined Fineswap because I believe that it’s a great first step in becoming more sustainable without making a scary big change. It’s the small steps that count!


I was introduced to software development back in 2009, and has been in love with it since. My passion is to develop useful solutions that contribute to a better living. Fineswap’s vision took my interest back in 2018, and hasn’t let go since.


I’m a creative person who also thinks about the future. In my eyes, we can all come together to help our planet and each other and build a sustainable tomorrow. The most powerful thing in the world, I believe, is an idea.


I’m a veteran IT professional with an eye for interface design and experience. Fineswap is an exciting journey because it embodies many of the beliefs I hold dear, like living sustainably, taking care of animals and nature, and reusing materials.

What are Swappies?

In the near future, Fineswap will launch its own currency called Swappies. It’s a kind of cryptocurrency that you accumulate overtime by engaging more with Fineswap.

By using Swappies to barter, you can rest assured that you’ll be secured against fraud or wrong doings when bartering.

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What’s the roadmap for next quarter?

We have set high standards for our team and we’re aiming to release a new app version every two weeks. The next one will enable you to communicate with other swappers and be able to swap items.

This is the schedule until the end of the year:

  • Communicating with other swappers (mailbox)
  • Liking and matching items
  • Rating swaps and other users
  • Personal profile page and settings

Still wondering about something?

We’re just an email away and we’d love to hear from you:

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