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We're about to revolutionize swapping. Join us?

About Fineswap. The app.

Fineswap is made with love in Norway, one of the world's greenest countries – and we're doing our humble part to keep it that way!

We dreamt of a fun and useful app to help us swap and re-use stuff with other environmentally aware people, but we only found services that resembled online shops. Boring!

Enter Fineswap!

By using gaming principles, the Fineswap app makes it easy, fun and fast to swap your items with other items you like, locally. Now, anyone can upload to our online marketplace for free, and even create a private swapping room to share with friends and like-minded people.

We're on a mission to revolutionize swapping and make Fineswap a worldwide solution. Join us and become a swapper!


In the beginning (August 2016)

Although the initial idea dates back to 2013, we started the real work in 2016. The first task was to draft a business plan and build the team.

Government funding (February 2017)

Fineswap received government funding to conduct market research from Norway's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises: Innovation Norway.

Market research (March 2017)

Extensive market research in four European countries to uncover what people think of Fineswap. The insights revealed a huge demand for our product!

Prototype (May 2017)

Based on research insights, we built a minimal viable product (prototype) and pushed the app to Google Play. Friends and selected early adopters in multiple countries were asked to try it out.

Testing, design and development (September 2017-2018)

Based on valuable user feedback from our invaluable testers, Fineswap has been extensively designed, developed and optimized.

Launch (Q3-2018)

Fineswap for iOS and Android is set to launch in 2018. The app took us two years of hard work and we think the result absolutely incredible! Join us?

The team

Christian Nybø

Christian met Noor at his gym in Oslo and fell in love with the idea of Fineswap. As CEO, he ensures that Fineswap is moving forward. He is determined to give the big buy and sell platforms a proper uppercut and make Fineswap the world's largest green swapping marketplace.

Tonje Brattås

Tonje's life is filled with her passion for acting, movies and, not least, swapping. She has helped build many companies and assists Christian with Fineswap's daily leadership. Together with Claudia, Tonje creates creative content for social media. Tonje loves to tell people about Fineswap – why spend thousands on new clothes and things when you can swap for free ...and save the environment at the same time?

Claudia Lucacel

Claudia is an educated actress, director and filmmaker. Born in Romania, she grew up in sunny Greece, and in search of creativity, has lived in New York and London. On her journey she stumbled over Norway, fell in love with the country and a “viking” and decided to stay. While continuing her studies and working as theater producer, photographer and filmmaker, Claudia, together with Tonje, show people how creative and fun swapping can be.

Pål Fossum

Pål is Fineswap's CFO. He discovered the art of business as a teenager, taking advantage of a strong Norwegian currency, buying used stuff, refurbishing and reselling it from the back of his bike. He has a Master's degree in economics and have worked for several companies both as CFO and as a founder. Born and raised in the Norwegian countryside, Pål has a down to earth values about consumption and money: “Don't waste it”.

Noor Dawod

Noor met his first girlfriend, named Commodore, when he was barely a teen. During their 1-year honeymoon, they taught each other languages, played games, and drew stunning Logo sketches. These days, Noor's Flutter'ing his wings and taking care of Fineswap's IT infrastructure. When not tinkering with his water-resistant keyboard, Noor is busy capturing photons.

Kristian Shishmanov

Kristian is an ambitious young professional with a background from the international corporate world. He's passionate about business strategy, marketing, and advertising. As Fineswap's Chief Marketing Officer, he's doing his best to make Fineswap more than a marketplace – a network for finding true gems and making a difference on a larger scale.

Michael King

Michael was born in New York, but grew up in England in the amazing 70's. He runs King Design where he continues his life-long quest for design perfection. He has spoken at TEDx and IGM.

Morten Budeng

Morten is Fineswap's design lead and an experienced designer with a passion for usability and aesthetic excellence. He believes in swapping, green living and that design can save the planet. Seriously!

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