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Fineswap is a fun and social app for swapping stuff with people near you.

Users browse the marketplace for inspiration, upload their items and get matches with other users whose items they like.

The interface is intuitive, clean and familiar. Swipe right to like an item, swipe left to pass, tap to see more details.

Why should we cooperate?

You rock

You're an influencer and believe your community will find our app useful

You're inspiring

Your followers are interested in swapping or engaging with our swapping community

You're ambitious

Browsing, swapping and social interaction complement your online personal brand

We're just starting out and you're an established content creator

Our offer is simple: help us grow by directing your followers to Fineswap and we'll return the favour by marketing your content to our users.

This is how you do it

Download our app from Google Play, browse the marketplace and upload few items you want to swap

Contact us to set up your affiliate account, then promote your swapping room to other users

Engage your followers who started using the app and grow your brand through swapping rooms

Join our Affiliate Program today!

Start growing your community

Thanks for joining! We'll contact you soon with further info.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

We are a Norwegian startup based in Oslo. We're just starting up and have already received funding from the leading state-backed entrepreneurship program in the country. We have big plans for the future, so it's a great opportunity for you to hop aboard the swapping train!

Who can become an affiliate?

Any writer, blogger, YouTuber, celebrity or influencer with a solid follower base who thinks swapping would supplement their personal brand can become an affiliate.

What do I get from cooperating with you?

You'll get to promote yourself and your personal brand on a new platform. By reaching Fineswap users, you can increase the number of followers who're interested in what you do.

How can I promote my brand?

You'll be managing a unique social space where your followers can browse and swap their stuff. We are redesigning the app so that you'd have cosmetic freedom to make your profile page and swapping rooms your own.

Will I get paid?

Normally, we won't pay our partners. We'll discuss a cash bonus if our cooperation proves to be successful.

Must I write an article about Fineswap?

We don't require you to write about Fineswap. Our partnership is a long-term cooperation where you, your followers and us benefit from it.

If you believe that writing an article will increase your followers, then do it!

Is this a referral program?

You're not required to refer people to use Fineswap. As an affiliate you'll involve your community in browsing, swapping and communicating through the app.

In order to compensate you if our cooperation proves to be successful, we keep a track of all your referrals.

Am I going to be a Brand Ambassador?

You won't have that title. We do hope, however, that our affiliates love and promote Fineswap because it benefits their community.

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